Do you have the next big App idea?

by Morrison Kent - Andrew Stewart

Our clients recently launched a brand-new travel app, showcasing their creativity and digital savvy. The co-founders were looking for a solution to support students to find their place in a new city.


Calling on their own experiences living in a new place and travelling overseas they sought the perfect way to collect and display information about a new city. And so, the Breadcrumbsapp was born.

The app works by users leaving a ‘crumb’ whenever they visit a new spot. This ‘crumb’ (a photo and description) acts as a recommendation for others. As you leave a trail of crumbs the app learns what you like to do and provides suggestions for what to discover next. 

“We are challenging the ‘one size fits all’ approach to recommendations by providing a platform which learns from your interaction in order to link you with the people & places that you love.” – Breadcrumbs. 


Exploring app development can be a great way to utilize your unique skill set and ideas. A start-up business venture can be born simply out of a desire to give something new a go and see where it can lead. Who knows how far that idea in your back pocket may take you.

If you have an idea or development you want to take to the next level, talk to our commercial team for guidance. We can give you the confidence you need to take your idea to market and help make your launch a success, just like Breadcrumbs.


Talk to our commercial team today by calling Andrew Stewart on 04 495 8921 or Rochelle Cooney on 04 495 8910.

Discover more about the Breadcrumbs app on their website or read the article published on stuff.

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